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Moms train for free for the month of May! Happy Mother’s Day!

5th: black belt extravaganza, 6-8 pm at Green Mountain High School

6th: week 3, 2/3 M.O.M.

12th: instructor leadership training with Master W, 12:30-1:30 pm

13th: week 4, 3/3 M.O.M., progress check week

20th: week 1, spotlight week

27th: stripe week

28th: closed, Happy Memorial Day!


Dads train free for the entire month. Happy Father’s Day!

3rd: pre-exam week

10th: week 4

11th: exam day, all levels at 5 pm

14th: sparring test, 5:45

16th: graduation

17th: week 1 of module 1

22nd: staff meeting, 6 pm

23rd: SWAT training, 12:30-1:30

24th: week 2


1st: week 3

2nd-7th: closed, happy July 4th!

8th: week 4

9th-11th: progress check

13th-14th: black belt test

15th: week 1 of module 2

16th-18th: fitness test

22nd: week 2

28th: leadership training, 12:30

29th: week 3